Wednesday, July 4, 2007

the nightscape erodes
as minutes tiptoe in hourly silence.
time begets time.
the rugged pile of consciousness
is at its brightest and wakeful best
at the phantom hours.

this is not my world.
this is not my reality.
this is far far away
beyond silent waters of blue seas
and dusky evening sky
away from sweetness of love's symphony,
miles away from agony,
away from angst, pain, hopelessness.

this is where i am elevated.
feel not heart, fear not mind;
think not, see not, hear not, speak not.
this is where everything stops.
your wheel ceases rotating
my cliched existence
amongst piles of mundane everyday.

here you are not my lord.
you cease to be my fate.
i, finally, take up the reigns,
i am your destiny henceforth.

i know i have realized this before
i have spoken this ten thousand times.
uttered them in solitary pristine glory,
alone, many times.
in childlike wonder, in blind resentment to you!
this is also unique like the ones before.


Heathcliff Ranting... said...

byapok....just byapok....
music and templates and your poetry have indeed created a far far away kingdom....

Anonymous said...

You love to exist in a void? Do you not?

Fair enough, but just do not let the void fill you up entirely.

For it is the uncertainty, that often makes the journey worth.