Wednesday, July 4, 2007


How many streams must I cross

Before you learn to swim across

El Nino of turbulent times

How many roads must be walked

How many of them should intersect

And lie love locked till you hear them

Calling you from the depths of my eyes?

How many flowers should be born

‘to blush unseen’ and how many of them

should garland you when your sensitivity dies?

How many times should I rock your cradle

So that you sleep peacefully amongst rubbles

Of creepy lonesome nights?

How many rain clouds shall it take

To bring in monsoon for you?

How many times will the church bells chime

Before they cry ‘hallelujah’ and kiss

Your footprints compassing the new journey

That you embarked now.

How many love songs shall it take

To wake you up?

How many lullabies to hush you to sleep?

How many deaths shall I die

To live your life again?

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