Thursday, June 21, 2007

Let it flow. Let it flow in streams, in rippling waves, in electrifying currents…let it flow. Let it flow in tempestuous, fiery swirling whirlpools, the electric storms of the moment. Let it be passed on and carried forward. Let the wind carry it to Mediterranean islands where it shall proclaim the arrival of spring. Let it burn and fade into the Milky Way like a million others before it. Let it speak before it extinguishes. Let its voice be heard and heard again. Let its music be lent to rhapsody of songbirds. You have heard its melody? Come here and like the elves I shall render the tunes in golden mesmerizing echo in woods. Have you seen fear? I shall show you fear then, in a handful of earth.

And we shall always overcome. We shall win. Together.

Finally, when the battle is over and all are dead, stone cold and blue, we shall meet, face to face. We shall sit on the mound and with the necropolis against our silhouette, we shall begin our war.


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