Saturday, June 9, 2007


i am happily intoxicated.quietly, when you inhale, or just breathe in the magic of the moment, you feel thus.happily intoxicated.

i was pondering, contemplating and occasionally shivering at the sheer realization.and i was holding the beauty of it in my converged and made a lovely impressionist's painting.dash of colour and a potpourri of queer waves.that moment came in a wasn't still for once.then gradually, very slowly it started to set in. it seeped in almost.and it passed through my veins.


no more more.there are only middles, remember?morbidity makes interesting reads.drawing nourishment from melancholy is is sweet.romance sweeter.and what exists within the concentric circles is even better.and when you start looking beyond the panorama, everything, every bit of moment, every scrap of memory looks so brilliant. oh i am redoing it again.all over again.i am falling in love.yet again.

where was i when you were so beautiful?you are so breathtakingly fingers tremble lest they break the magic of more insipidity when i consume you.

you are delicious!


"sen"sational said...

No more goodbyes.

Yes indeed. Byes no more. :)

Anonymous said...

That's the beauty of fractals, if you recognise them, that is. People generally mistake them for life, the only life.

It feels good to see that you can make even insignificance exude happiness, and be proud of it.

Are those concentric circles the only way to peace then? But why do I get lost in the void filled labyrinth instead? Everytime?

How I wish I had a bit more time to learn it all.

panu said...

.... I wish there were less lees life dragged down itself to.

saptarshi said...